About Me

I have worked in the fashion industry all my life, but I never managed to find true satisfaction in this working environment. After many years of feeling stuck, I needed something else to do. A hobby, something to set my own creativity free. I decided to learn something I had been wanting to learn since I was a little kid, but never thought to be possible; to make my own silver jewelry. I decided to go to school to become a silversmith, and the hobby became more of a new found love and passion. Within months I had my own little studio at home and I was able to get creative whenever I wanted.

A few years later, I came in contact with the healing powers of mother Ayahuasca. I did a ceremony in the Netherlands, and it changed my life. I never looked at the world the same way again, it opened my eyes for all the beauty nature gives us. And the beauty that we all have within, but sometimes find hard to see. With my jewelry pieces, I hope the people will be reminded of this when they wear it. Or any other meaningful memory/experience, something we sadly find so easy to forget.

I later went to South America to find the roots of this magnificent brew, and here I knew I wanted to work with this plant. I now assist in ceremonies in The Netherlands, and still everytime I am so thankful to be able to give people this beautiful gift. It opens my heart and I feel blessed.

I found a way to combine the 3 things I am so passionate about in life; Jewelry making, nature and Ayahuasca.

At the moment I have an expanded home studio, to make my silver pieces, together with the pieces I make for my brand Yvaya.

I am always happy to make custom design, or answer any questions you might have!